Noor Muhammad

A Very Special Gift, For A Very Special Person

In a modest ceremony at Paraplegic Center Hayatabad, the keys of a custom made “Motor Riksha”, were presented to “Mr. Noor Mohammad”, from Nowshera, unable to stand or walk on his both legs. He is suffering from a mysterious disease, since he was 13, breaking his legs bones repeatedly (more than 30 times to be more accurate), however, he is a man of courage and don’t want to be dependent on others.

This “Motor Riksha” was specially manufactured for him, with the financial support of the “Tanzeem Lissaile Wal Mahroom” Govt of NWFP.

It’s also pertinent to mention that “Paraplegic Center” Hayatabad has provided adoptive/supportive equipment to 137 poor and destitute patients from all over the province.

The CEO , of the Center, stated that “Paraplegic Center” is striving to enable people with disabilities (rather with special abilities) to become, productive members of the society and not to be dependent on their respective families and/or society at large.

He expressed his emence pleasure on achieving this goal in case of “Noor Mohammad”, and hoped that many more people like him will be able live independent & dignified lives, if organizations, like “Tanzeem, Lissaile Wal Mahroom”, continued it’s financial support.

He also expressed his hope that in future not only organizations like “Tanzeem” but individual philanthropists will also pitch in, so that we can support more and more special people, achieve financial independence.

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