Custom made, well designed and well fitted manual wheelchairs are designed and manufactured at its premises, using low cost, local material and indigenous technology which meet the user's need and environment, and are safe and durable. They can be maintained and serviced in the country at an affordable cost. More than 15,000 assistive devices are produced and distributed over the last 30 years. These wheelchairs, provided at Paraplegic center, are custom made, adjustable, modifiable and locally repairable.

Provision of locally manufactured wheelchairs

Local available resources are utilized to manufacture  wheelchairs and other mobility aids; locally available materials, local skilled labor and design appropriate to local needs, use, and body culture.

Technical Support of Trained Assistive Technology Practitioners 

Trained Assistive Technology Practitioners provide wheelchairs and other assistive devices as per international guidelines and match a user with an appropriate device. It includes assessment, prescription, fitting and basic training on the use and maintenance of the wheelchair as well as the the repair and / or refitting of wheelchairs. 

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