Follow up Program

Follow-Up Program funded by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for people with spinal cord injury in the districts of Peshawar, Nowshera, Charsadda, Mardan, and Sawabi of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Follow-Up Program with ICRC provides salaries of team, extra adoptive/supportive equipment, minor home modifications and medical surgical items for SCI persons in the districts Peshawar, Nowshera, Charsadda, Mardan, and Sawabi.

The importance of a Follow-Up Program during the first six months period for a SCI person cannot be denied. After the intensive institutional support and rehabilitation at PCP, a spinal cord injured person can feel disorientated at home, and find it difficult to maintain the same standards of care required to maintain his or her dignity and independence. Follow up program includes once-a-month follow up home visit for 6 consecutive months after discharge from rehabilitation centre, giving opportunity to Spinal cord injured persons and their families to discuss issues regarding community reintegration, psychosocial and medical problems facing in the community. Follow up team re-evaluate clients at their homes/communities and assesses their motor abilities, mobility patterns, level of independence in activities of daily living, work, leisure and other medical problems. They also encourage and facilitate clients to continue studies, find a job or start a business in order to become a productive member of the society

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