Services We Offering

Paraplegic Center Peshawar is the only state of the art facility in Pakistan which provides one hundred percent free of cost services to civilian spinal cord injury patients from Chitral to Karachi.

Paraplegic Center has recorded the volume of its activities as an inpatient comprehensive physical rehabilitation facility with more than 9000 people with spinal cord injuries rehabilitated , issuing more than 15000 wheelchairs to them and outpatient services provided with annual average turnover of 800-1000 people other physical disabilities.

1. Medical Management  12. Orthotic Management
2. Nursing Care  13. Wheelchair Service
3. Surgical Interventions 14. Other Assistive Devices & Adoptive Supportive Equipment
4. Nutritional Management  15. Follow Up Program
5. Physical Therapy  16. Minor Home Modification
6. Occupational Therapy  17. Vehicle modification
7. Psychological Counselling 18. Accessibility Solutions
8. Skills Building  19. Awareness and Advocacy
9. Recreational Therapy & Sports activities 20. Training & Education
10. Community Re-Integration  21. Research & Publications
11. Social Services  


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